Friday, May 8, 2015

Semester Reflection

I am really glad that I took an art class this year because I love having time to just make something creative. Whether it's just sketching or working with water colors, its always relaxing to just create what I want with the materials I want. That is why I love advanced art, because you get to chose the type of project you want to make. Block days especially are my favorite because we get so much uninterrupted time to make progress on our projects. My favorite projects were working with water color and of course photography. I also really liked the temper painting I did. Using the projector to trace the outline of the picture helped a lot. I think the colors I mixed together were pretty accurate, and I like how it turned out. Even working with the acrylic paint was a good experience, even though I didn't like how my painting looked. I've learned a lot this semester, mostly about the importance of patients and practice. Its easy to forget how much effort and time you must put in to create something fantastic. In the future I want to continue making art in my spare time, and I definitely want to continue with my photography.

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