Monday, May 11, 2015


The influence of Roman and Greek Architecture can be seen across the world. The original Roman and Greek empires still remain partially standing today. This architectural style was a result of early urbanization and an increase of wealth benefitting the empire as a whole. The massive stone and marble structures stand as public institutions like theaters, churches, and arenas, as well act as a land mark signifying the presence of the Roman people and empire. The scale of these buildings are a testament to the power and ability of the roman empire, as they were a brute force to be dealt with at the time.

The primary materials of the Romans was tile, marble, and even a type of concrete engineered and perfected by the Romans. Columns and arches are the most well known of Roman Architecture, but what is not as well known is the level of structural integrity of their creations. Massive trusses were used to hold up tons of stone for roofs. They also loved using phi and golden ratios to make their creations of natural/ earthly proportion. The architecture had a lot of spiritual representation within it. The different symbols and artwork within the architecture was created to represent aspects of divinity, along with events of astronomical importance being represented.


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