Thursday, February 19, 2015

Project Ideas

I want to do a photography project and make a photography portfolio. My goals are to make a professional looking portfolio full of professional looking photos. I will accomplish them by finding a good photo site and taking cool pictures. I will need a camera, lenses, and a computer.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Project 1 second semester

1. I watched some water color tutorials on youtube and looked up different water color art pieces.
2. I focussed on trees and buildings. I chose them because they're common things to paint.
3. I used water colors and tried to get an even wash background.
4. I used water color paper, water colors, pencils, the cutting board, paint brushes, and water. I
5. I used lines in the buildings and trees. I used colors in all the paintings. I used texture in the tree leaves. I used space by layering the colors to simulate depth. I used unity by putting the subjects in the middle.
6. My goals at first were to make a mirror frame but I switched to water color instead because it was more fun. So my new goal was to explore water coloring and try something new.
7. I like the trees and buildings. I don't like the backgrounds though, it is hard to get an even wash without getting the paper too wet.
8. I liked Luke Costlow's palm trees.