Monday, December 15, 2014

Project 4

1. I researched the phi ratio to get the whole shape of the art piece.
2. The subject was all the different patterns and colors.
3. I used pencils and colored pencils to draw shapes and color them in.
4. I used paper, a pencil, a ruler, colored pencils, and a sharpie.
5. I used lines and shapes throughout the whole piece. I used patterns and texture throughout the whole piece too.
6. My goal was to making a giant phi ratio and fill each box with a different pattern.
7. I think my strengths were my patients and precision. I learned that this was a very time consuming project.
8. I liked Amanda's French word with the sparkles.

Friday, December 12, 2014

End of Semester Presentation


So far this semester I have done a several project, some that I liked and some that I didn't. My favorite project so far was the wireframe map and the photography project I did. Next semester I want to improve my painting skills. I like to paint but I am no very good at it. Painting is a lot harder than I thought. I want to do more with water colors because I like how they blend to nicely. I also want to do more photography projects, because I haven't done many photography projects yet. I also want to improve my drawing skills. I want to master perspective because I have trouble drawing with depth. I also want to explore the art of calligraphy next semester. Also I want to try to draw some landscapes. I feel like I have a lot of improving to do, and I am exited to continue with art next semester!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Project 5: Winter Textures

1. I didn't do much research. I just went for a walk after it snowed and took pictures of things that I thought looked cool.
2. The subject is the snow and ice on the different surfaces.
3. I didn't use and special techniques, I just tried to make the images simplistic and visually appealing.
4. I used an iPhone 6 and a Canon T3i with a 50mm f1.8 lens.
5. There is a lot of pattern and texture with the ground textures. There is contrast and color simply because it is an image.
6. I met my goals by taking pictures that I thought were cool.
7. I liked the pictures. I think I could improve by taking more pictures, but I wanted this to be a photo set of just winter textures so I limited it to 8 pictures.
8. I really liked Connor's clay leaf. I liked how he curved it and I liked the gloss.

Project 5 Proposal

I am going to take pictures that represent winter with textures. I wont need any materials, just a camera. My goals is to take cool pictures. I will accomplish them by going outside and finding winter textures.