Monday, November 10, 2014

Project 4 Ideas

1. Phi ratio pictured above.
2. My plan is to draw the thirds and fill them with a pattern. Similar to zentangle but a little different. Then I am going to color in the zentangle patterns. I will need colored pencils, a sharpie, paper, a ruler, and a lot of patients.

Project 3

1. I didn't have to do too much research to make this. I just had to look at a map to make sure the countries looks accurate.
2. The subject was the countries. The countries are the only thing in the piece so I couldn't choose anything else.
3. I used a ruler and a sharpie. There were not a lot of techniques used because the drawing is pretty simple.
4. I used a sharpie, a ruler, a canvas and a map as a reference
5. I used line and shape when I drew the countries. I used contrast because of the black lines and the white canvas.
6. My goals were to recreate my proposal so I could hang the drawing in my house.
7. Personally this project was not very difficult, however that does not mean I don't like it. I was satisfied with the end result, even though it didn't take that long.
8. I liked Amanda's oil pastel drawing. The colors were blended really nicely.