Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Project #1

1. The only research I did was studying the wavelengths in garage band. I just imported the song and found the part that matched the quote I wanted to use. I cropped the song and expanded it to get a better view of the wavelengths. 

2. The subject of the piece is the wavelengths and the lyrics. I chose it as the subject because I like the song and I like the way the wavelengths look. 

3. For the background I used water colors and I put the paper on the clay wheel to get the circular design. I used metallic sharpies for the wavelengths and the quote. 

4. I used water colors, metallic sharpies, pencil for the outline, the clay wheel for the design. 

5. I used line in the text. I used shape in the text. I used color in the background. I used texture with the metallic sharpies. I used contrast with all the different colors and outlining the text with another color. I used pattern in the rainbow colors in the background. 

6. My goal was to have more of a spiral design for the background, but that wasn't working out so I just did a circular design. 

7. I like what I created but I think the letters look a little too cartoonish. I wish I would have tried a different font or something that looked a little more professional. 

8. I like the way Amanda poured the wax for her candles on an angle, so it wasn't just straight across. It made it more interesting. 

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