Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Photo Edits

Added contrast, removed shadows,  decreased saturation.

Straightened, added definition, removed highlights.

Added saturation, added definition, decreased contrast.  

Decreased shadows, decreased highlights, under exposed = HDR effect 
Added saturation, decreased highlights so you can see the sky, added contrast to bring out the water. 

Added saturation, increased the warmth, increased contrast. 

Added definition, added contrast, cropped from original. 

Decreased warmth, increased contrast, decreased exposure. 

Decreased highlights, increased contrast, increased definition.

Added warmth, added definition, added contrast. 

Subtracted highlights, shadows, and decreased warmth, as well as centered and straightened it. 

Added definition to compensate for fog, added saturation, increased shadow. 

Removed highlights, increased definition, decreased contrast.

1. I took pictures and made 3 edits to each.
2. I incorporated contrast and color by changing the levels of each to make the overall exposure better.  
3. I learned about histograms, and their use in photography. You want you color spread out all over the histogram for the best exposure. 
4. I am least proud of the second photo. It could have been straighter. 
5. I am most proud of the rest of the photos. I think they really turned out nicely. I take pride in my photography. Its a fun hobby!!