Wednesday, May 15, 2013

End of Art Reflection

This year I have learned a lot about photography. Like how to compose the shot and use the histogram, and editing photos.

I also learned about making clay tiles, which I had never done before.
My favorite projects were the zentangle and the photography projects. I like the zentangle because they are fun to make the different patterns, and I like the black and white. I liked the photography project because I take a lot of pictures and I like to edit them. My least favorite project was the scratch board, because if you mess up its ruined. I didn't like the Bosquiate either because it was weird.

I thought that art fair was really cool. I saw this one black and white drawing of a musical instrument that was really good! Also some of the paintings were amazing. I had no idea that high school students were so talented. The art fair inspired me to try harder in art.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Choice Project: Unique Photography

This is a photo of water with a macro lens attachment. Photo taken with a fast shutter speed.  
This is a photo of water with a macro lens attachment. Photo taken with a fast shutter speed.  

This is a photo of water with a macro lens attachment. Photo taken with a fast shutter speed.  

This is water being squirted out of a water bottle. 

This is a photo of water with a macro lens attachment. Photo taken with a fast shutter speed.  

This project was a combination of picture I took that I think are unique. Most include either an interesting angle, fast shutter, wide aperture, macro photo, extreme edit, or just a good photo. I took most of these at my house or in San Francisco.

I incorporated contrast by changing the contrast levels. I incorporated emphasis with the focus on the subject of the photos, and by changing the aperture levels.

I learned that where ever you take pictures there is always an opportunity for a really good picture, whether you are in San Francisco or my boring backyard.

I am proud of all of the images I have uploaded.

I am the least proud of some of the pictures I had to straighten. If I would have lined them up straight and centered the first time there would be no reason to straighten and crop them.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Photo Edits

Added contrast, removed shadows,  decreased saturation.

Straightened, added definition, removed highlights.

Added saturation, added definition, decreased contrast.  

Decreased shadows, decreased highlights, under exposed = HDR effect 
Added saturation, decreased highlights so you can see the sky, added contrast to bring out the water. 

Added saturation, increased the warmth, increased contrast. 

Added definition, added contrast, cropped from original. 

Decreased warmth, increased contrast, decreased exposure. 

Decreased highlights, increased contrast, increased definition.

Added warmth, added definition, added contrast. 

Subtracted highlights, shadows, and decreased warmth, as well as centered and straightened it. 

Added definition to compensate for fog, added saturation, increased shadow. 

Removed highlights, increased definition, decreased contrast.

1. I took pictures and made 3 edits to each.
2. I incorporated contrast and color by changing the levels of each to make the overall exposure better.  
3. I learned about histograms, and their use in photography. You want you color spread out all over the histogram for the best exposure. 
4. I am least proud of the second photo. It could have been straighter. 
5. I am most proud of the rest of the photos. I think they really turned out nicely. I take pride in my photography. Its a fun hobby!! 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Stop Motion Video

1. I created a stop motion video with a 3x3x3 puzzle. The video contained the puzzle being solved and then taken apart.
2. I used color because all the pieces of the puzzle were different colors. I used space because I put the subject of the video in the middle of the frame.
3. I learned that I should have focused the camera better, and that .1 seconds makes the video go by really quickly.
4. I am most proud of how steady the video was.
5. I am least proud of my idea. I feel like I could have done something cooler but I couldn't think of anything.

Picture of My Clay Tile Piece

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Clay Tile Piece

1. I created a clay tile that is supposed to look like a shield or crest.
2. I used lines because the quadrants are separated by lines. I used contrast by using contrasting colors in the different sections.
3. I learned that it is important to make sure you like the way it looks because once its fired you can't change it.
4. I am most proud of the idea behind the whole thing.
5. I am least proud of how even the shape was on the outside.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


1. I made stamps out of small erasers and a linoleum block. I ed exact-o knifes and chisel like tools.
2. Contrast: The stamps are all about contrast because its either the color of the ink, or the color of the paper. Pattern: I used the small stamps to make a pattern, which ended up looking pretty cool.
3. I learned that having a sharp tip is on of the most important things, because it helps you be more precise and its easier to cut it.
4. I am proud of the four small stamps.
5. I am not proud of the big eraser because it was kind of unoriginal because a lot of people did text and initials.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Scratch Board

1. I created a scratch board with palm trees, it is supposed to be a picture of a peaceful paradise. I used one scratch board and one scraping tool.
2. I used contrast because the black and white completely contrast with each other. I used line because thats how I outlined the objects. I used texture in the leaves and trunk.
3. I learned that it is important to plan your scratch board, because what ever you do it is completely permanent.
4. I am proud of the trees and the peace sign.
5. I am not proud of the background. I wish I could have planned to use the background more.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Surreal Album Cover

1. I created an island with a volcano and a space shuttle on it. The ocean is made of lava, and there is a big shield over the island. Then there are houses flying in space. I used a mechanical pencil and colored pencils, and a paper towel to smooth the colored pencil.
2. I used lines to outline the island, I used color with all the different parts of the drawing, I used contrast with all the different colors. I used emphasis with the lines of the island.
3. I learned that surreal subjects can be really fun to draw because you can draw what ever you want.
4. I am most proud of the island and the trees and the space shuttle.
5. I am least proud of the houses, I don't like the colors I used.