Friday, December 14, 2012

Semester Reflection

            This semester I learned a lot of things. Unlike advanced art, in 2D art you have to follow the project guild lines. Which is much harder then just creating what ever if on your mind. When you are required to use for example, 3 different materials, its hard to make the art piece look good and still incorporate several materials.
             My favorite projects so far have been the zentangle and the album cover. I really liked the zentangle because you can make it really detailed and I like they way it looks with the black and white. I like the album cover because it makes you explore the surreal aspect of art, which can be very interesting. I like being able to just imagine something crazy and being able to incorporate it into my art project. I didn't like the Basquiat, because I thought that his art was really weird, but I like the way my project turned out.
            I really like to use the fine point sharpies, as well as just pencils and pastel pencils. I also like to used just regular paper for my drawings. Drawing on a canvas is hard and when you erase stuff it wares down the material on the canvas.

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