Friday, December 14, 2012

Semester Reflection

            This semester I learned a lot of things. Unlike advanced art, in 2D art you have to follow the project guild lines. Which is much harder then just creating what ever if on your mind. When you are required to use for example, 3 different materials, its hard to make the art piece look good and still incorporate several materials.
             My favorite projects so far have been the zentangle and the album cover. I really liked the zentangle because you can make it really detailed and I like they way it looks with the black and white. I like the album cover because it makes you explore the surreal aspect of art, which can be very interesting. I like being able to just imagine something crazy and being able to incorporate it into my art project. I didn't like the Basquiat, because I thought that his art was really weird, but I like the way my project turned out.
            I really like to use the fine point sharpies, as well as just pencils and pastel pencils. I also like to used just regular paper for my drawings. Drawing on a canvas is hard and when you erase stuff it wares down the material on the canvas.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sol LeWitt

1. We created a mural where as students we received instructions on how to paint the mural. We followed the instructions and created the painting how ever we perceived the instructions.
2. We used lines a lot, with lots of vertical lines and curvy lines. Contrast, with all the different colors,. Unity, with all the lines flowing parallel and perpendicularly with each other. Color, we used almost all the colors of paint that we had available.
3. I learned that working as a group is really difficult when creating an art project.
4. I am proud of the over all idea/ design.
5. I am not proud of the actual painting, it was kind of sloppy.

1. I created the original design for the piece, I also helped draw the pencil lines and taped. I was also assigned to paint 2 days and assigned to cleaning 1 day.
2. I think everyone is the artist, because you need both the workers and the boss to make the painting happen. If you just had one instead of both nothing would get done. And the point of the project is to have workers follow the instructions, so I think both are the artists.
3. Yes, without his ideas nothing would be done. I think the concept is really cool!


1. I created a colored pencil Basquiat piece. I used colored pencil, sharpie, and melted wax for this piece.
 2. I used line with the outline of the buildings and letters. I used texture with the wax drips. I used contrast with the dark city and the lighter sky. I used rhythm with the repetition of the wax.
 3. I learned that when you have to use multiple materials in a project it can make it look very unique, and different then conventional drawings. 4. I am proud of the graffiti because I think that graffiti letters are hard to make well.
5. I am not proud of: The canvas got kinda worn down and torn so it looked kind of bad in some spots.
6. The personal meaning of this piece is that no matter where you come from, you can still be creative and make interesting art.