Friday, May 18, 2012

Light Painting Inspiration!

My inspiration for light painting came from the Tumblr. I follow a lot of photography blogs and I see a lot of light painting images. I can't link the Tumblr blogs because it is blocked so I will post some pictures at the bottom of this post. Back to photography. The reason I like light painting is because I like it when a picture looks edited and it isn't. A lot of times people will think that the light was just photoshoped in. But really you just press the shutter button and run around with a flash light making the pattern. Some cameras have a limit of 16 second exposers, but the app I used on my phone allowed me to keep the shutter open as long as I wanted. This setting is often called 'bump' because you press the shutter button once to start the sequence, and then you press it again to end it. In the future I plan of doing more of this but with different colored lights.

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