Thursday, March 1, 2012


No single person inspires me to make things. But rather the things I seen on sites like Tumblr give me ideas. Pictures on those sites are so creative, it really make me excited to try some of the things I have seen people make. So many people inspire me.

My Passion

I have a specific interest in art pieces with extreme detail. Which in some ways defines me. I like to think that I am a perfectionist, and a person that can observe extreme detail. Because I am this way, I like to make my projects with lots of detail, matching exactly the subject I am drawing. Because of this attention to detail, my creativity is limited. I like to replicate things exactly and straying from that is difficult for me. That is why I have a specific interest in photography. You can get a beautiful image from nearly anything. And the detail of photo is only limited by the cameras capabilities. Photography is one of my favorite types of art, and sometimes its fun to edit the pictures digitally. Other then photography I like to just draw with a pencil. I don't prefer to use color, but if it necessary for the piece then I will add color. I really like art because of the fun it can bring to a dull day!