Friday, December 14, 2012

Semester Reflection

            This semester I learned a lot of things. Unlike advanced art, in 2D art you have to follow the project guild lines. Which is much harder then just creating what ever if on your mind. When you are required to use for example, 3 different materials, its hard to make the art piece look good and still incorporate several materials.
             My favorite projects so far have been the zentangle and the album cover. I really liked the zentangle because you can make it really detailed and I like they way it looks with the black and white. I like the album cover because it makes you explore the surreal aspect of art, which can be very interesting. I like being able to just imagine something crazy and being able to incorporate it into my art project. I didn't like the Basquiat, because I thought that his art was really weird, but I like the way my project turned out.
            I really like to use the fine point sharpies, as well as just pencils and pastel pencils. I also like to used just regular paper for my drawings. Drawing on a canvas is hard and when you erase stuff it wares down the material on the canvas.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sol LeWitt

1. We created a mural where as students we received instructions on how to paint the mural. We followed the instructions and created the painting how ever we perceived the instructions.
2. We used lines a lot, with lots of vertical lines and curvy lines. Contrast, with all the different colors,. Unity, with all the lines flowing parallel and perpendicularly with each other. Color, we used almost all the colors of paint that we had available.
3. I learned that working as a group is really difficult when creating an art project.
4. I am proud of the over all idea/ design.
5. I am not proud of the actual painting, it was kind of sloppy.

1. I created the original design for the piece, I also helped draw the pencil lines and taped. I was also assigned to paint 2 days and assigned to cleaning 1 day.
2. I think everyone is the artist, because you need both the workers and the boss to make the painting happen. If you just had one instead of both nothing would get done. And the point of the project is to have workers follow the instructions, so I think both are the artists.
3. Yes, without his ideas nothing would be done. I think the concept is really cool!


1. I created a colored pencil Basquiat piece. I used colored pencil, sharpie, and melted wax for this piece.
 2. I used line with the outline of the buildings and letters. I used texture with the wax drips. I used contrast with the dark city and the lighter sky. I used rhythm with the repetition of the wax.
 3. I learned that when you have to use multiple materials in a project it can make it look very unique, and different then conventional drawings. 4. I am proud of the graffiti because I think that graffiti letters are hard to make well.
5. I am not proud of: The canvas got kinda worn down and torn so it looked kind of bad in some spots.
6. The personal meaning of this piece is that no matter where you come from, you can still be creative and make interesting art.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Color Drawing

I created a color drawing of a willow tree. I used oil pastels and a pencil. I learned that oil pastels can get pretty messy but they can blend really nice. I used lines in the tree leaves, and I used texture in the leaves and and the trunk. I used balance by using the space evenly. I used pattern in the leaves and sky. I am proud of the tree itself. I am not proud of the over all idea. I couldn't think of anything else to put into the picture so it seems pretty boring.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Word Art

I just used a pencil and paper. I used line when writing the words in the background. I used contrast by just using black and white. I used pattern by repeating the designs over and over. I used space by filling the space with words. I learned that your hand can hurt really bad when you repeatedly write words over and over. I am proud of the "M" because I think it looks the best. I am least proud the rest of the letters. They are not as good as the "M"

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Explain what you created and what media (materials) you used in this process I used several sharpies and rulers for this project. How did you incorporate the elements of art and / or principals of design into your artwork? Talk about at least 2 different elements or principals or art. Contrast: Because zantangles are black and white you get a really high contrast level. And when you make really small repeating patterns it can make you feel dizzy. Line: There are lines everywhere in this drawing. Curvy and straight. What did you learn? I learned that it takes a long time to color in all the little details in the zentangle. What are you most proud of? I am proud of the checker board pattern I did. It looks the best of all the patterns and it took the longest. What are you least proud of? The hexagons and little squares are kind of sloppy but it still looks good from a distance.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First 2D Art Project

1. We did larger pictures of beads. Be had to shade them really dramatically to show value. We used graphite, ink, colored pencil, and charcoal. 2. Contrast and value because the light to dark flow between the shading and parts exposed to the light. 3. I learned that pen shading is a lot harder then it looks, and I learned to blend charcoal with the tortillian. 4. I am proud of all the drawings but the pen one. I feel my shading was good for my first try. 5. The pen shading, because I find it difficult to get lighter and darker colors out of it.

Monday, May 21, 2012

What have you learned throughout this year?

I learned a lot this year about myself and specifically about photography. I used to like drawing things, but now I have started to take interest in photography instead. My problem with drawing is that I don't know where to start. Especially if the thing I am going to draw is really complex. But with photography its all about the shot. If it doesn't look good its ok, you can delete it an take another. I have learned about many different aspects of photography throughout the year. Things like aperture, exposure, and depth of field; which all effect the separation of the subject and background. Then there are things like shutter speed. The shutter speed can allow for a blurred motion shot, or light painting. The longer the shutter is open, the more light can come in, Which means that colors can really bloom. Or if the shutter speed is set to something like a thousandth of a second, you can freeze time. This means that splashing water will be sharp and clear. The downside to a fast shutter is that it doesn't allow for as much light to come in, so many images will come out dark unless you are in a bright area. A fast shutter speed can be helpful if you have a shaky hand, because the picture is captured almost as soon as the button is pressed. I really like photography and I plan on continuing to take photos, also with the recent release of Adobe Photoshop CS6 I am going to get the trial and learn how to use it. It would be a good experience to use a professional program like Photoshop. An explanation of each image will follow.
I commented on Meg and Carl's blogs.
This was my wax piece. Many people do melted crayon pieces so I though I would give it a shot. Unfortunately I didn't really plan this very well. My original plan was to make a wax cylinder and carve things out of it like a totem pole. When I pored the wax out of the melting pot it wasn't near tall enough for a totem pole. I didn't want to waste all that wax so I decided to make an abstract piece. I used the hair dryer to splatter different colors all over a piece of white card stock. Looking back it was a decent idea but the planning was the downside. I learned a lot from this project. The number one thing I learned was that melted crayons smell awful!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Light Painting Inspiration!

My inspiration for light painting came from the Tumblr. I follow a lot of photography blogs and I see a lot of light painting images. I can't link the Tumblr blogs because it is blocked so I will post some pictures at the bottom of this post. Back to photography. The reason I like light painting is because I like it when a picture looks edited and it isn't. A lot of times people will think that the light was just photoshoped in. But really you just press the shutter button and run around with a flash light making the pattern. Some cameras have a limit of 16 second exposers, but the app I used on my phone allowed me to keep the shutter open as long as I wanted. This setting is often called 'bump' because you press the shutter button once to start the sequence, and then you press it again to end it. In the future I plan of doing more of this but with different colored lights.
I made these on my phone. I just set a really long shutter speed and moved around with a flashlight. Enjoy! :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012


No single person inspires me to make things. But rather the things I seen on sites like Tumblr give me ideas. Pictures on those sites are so creative, it really make me excited to try some of the things I have seen people make. So many people inspire me.

My Passion

I have a specific interest in art pieces with extreme detail. Which in some ways defines me. I like to think that I am a perfectionist, and a person that can observe extreme detail. Because I am this way, I like to make my projects with lots of detail, matching exactly the subject I am drawing. Because of this attention to detail, my creativity is limited. I like to replicate things exactly and straying from that is difficult for me. That is why I have a specific interest in photography. You can get a beautiful image from nearly anything. And the detail of photo is only limited by the cameras capabilities. Photography is one of my favorite types of art, and sometimes its fun to edit the pictures digitally. Other then photography I like to just draw with a pencil. I don't prefer to use color, but if it necessary for the piece then I will add color. I really like art because of the fun it can bring to a dull day!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All these images were taken with an f 2.4 aperture. To get a good depth of field like this it's helpful to be close to the subject, using a macro setting. All these images were taken with the iPhone 4S.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Project

I made this colored pencil drawing after being inspired after my current trip to Hawaii. I found it interesting how when you fly with and against time how the day length is effected. Flying against time can be really interesting because the sun stays out for so long. While when you fly with time its more noticeable that when the sun sets the darkness quickly engulfs you into the night.