Monday, May 11, 2015


The influence of Roman and Greek Architecture can be seen across the world. The original Roman and Greek empires still remain partially standing today. This architectural style was a result of early urbanization and an increase of wealth benefitting the empire as a whole. The massive stone and marble structures stand as public institutions like theaters, churches, and arenas, as well act as a land mark signifying the presence of the Roman people and empire. The scale of these buildings are a testament to the power and ability of the roman empire, as they were a brute force to be dealt with at the time.

The primary materials of the Romans was tile, marble, and even a type of concrete engineered and perfected by the Romans. Columns and arches are the most well known of Roman Architecture, but what is not as well known is the level of structural integrity of their creations. Massive trusses were used to hold up tons of stone for roofs. They also loved using phi and golden ratios to make their creations of natural/ earthly proportion. The architecture had a lot of spiritual representation within it. The different symbols and artwork within the architecture was created to represent aspects of divinity, along with events of astronomical importance being represented.


Friday, May 8, 2015

Semester Reflection

I am really glad that I took an art class this year because I love having time to just make something creative. Whether it's just sketching or working with water colors, its always relaxing to just create what I want with the materials I want. That is why I love advanced art, because you get to chose the type of project you want to make. Block days especially are my favorite because we get so much uninterrupted time to make progress on our projects. My favorite projects were working with water color and of course photography. I also really liked the temper painting I did. Using the projector to trace the outline of the picture helped a lot. I think the colors I mixed together were pretty accurate, and I like how it turned out. Even working with the acrylic paint was a good experience, even though I didn't like how my painting looked. I've learned a lot this semester, mostly about the importance of patients and practice. Its easy to forget how much effort and time you must put in to create something fantastic. In the future I want to continue making art in my spare time, and I definitely want to continue with my photography.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Project 4

1. I researched the illuminati and used
2. I chose it because I find the illuminati interesting. 
3. I just used colored pencils and paper. 
4. I used paper, colored pencils, and a ruler. 
5. I used shapes, lines, colors.
6. I used contrast, balance, and patterns. 
7. I think its cool, I would like to make another project like this but bigger. 
8. I like the art Paige is making with old books. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Project 4 Ideas

I want to make an art piece inspired by the illuminati, free masons, and secret societies. I am going to use colored pencil. My goal is to incorporate symbols that  represent the origins of the modern banking system, by using the 5 flags of the countries where the Rothschild's started central banks. This project will also double as a visual for my senior English research paper. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Project 3

1. I used pic monkey to posterize the picture. Then I projected
2. My dog is the subject, I picked him for the subject because he was the subject in the original picture.
3. I posterized the picture, projected and traced the lines on the white board, and then mixed colors to get the colors I needed.
4. I used paper, paint, pencils, a computer, and a projector.
5. I had lines, color, and used space because I traced an actual picture taken in space.
6. My goal was to paint a good looking picture.
7. I think it turned out pretty good, and I think the colors are spot on. The detail was pretty good but the brush strokes are kind of noticeable. It looks good from far away though.
8. I like Austin's pottery.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Project 3 proposal

I am going to paint this picture. My goal is to make the painting look good. I will need paper and paint and paint brushes. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Project 2, Semester 2!/index

1. I had to research all the different portfolio sites, and choose one that worked best for me.
2. The subject was my photography.
3. I just researched, organized my photos, and uploaded them.
4. I used iPhoto, and iPhone, a camera, my computer, and photo shelter
5. There is contras, texture, patterns, balance, and color in my photos.
6. My goal was to find a website that would work as a photography portfolio
7. I like the website, and I like my photos, I just wish it was free.
8. I liked Carly's water color tree. It was really cool.